Backup VPS / VDS

Backup for Virtual Servers at RX-NAME

Ensure the reliability of your virtual servers - activate the backup option at RX-NAME

How to activate the backup by RX-NAME?

Understanding the importance of uninterrupted data protection, we offer everyone the option to activate the backup feature for virtual servers for just 185₴ per month, regardless of the tariff plan

You can do this in just a few clicks:

1 Log in to your account.

2 Open your VPS settings.

3 Go to the «Backup» tab and click «Order».

Note: Your balance must have at least 185 UAH to activate the backup.

If you don`t have a VPS from RX-NAME yet:

1 Go to the «VPS Hosting» page if you need a virtual server on SSDs, or to the «NVMe VPS Hosting» page if you need a virtual server on NVMe disks, and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

2 Choose a plan and the operating system to be installed upon VPS activation, and enable the «Backup» option.

3 Proceed to the «Cart» and pay for the services.

Key benefits you`ll gain by activating virtual server backup at RX-NAME:


Data Loss Protection

Be it a technical failure, virus attack, or human error, backup allows you to quickly recover your data without irreversible loss.

Downtime Minimization

With backups, you can quickly restore server operations after any failure, ensuring business continuity.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Knowing your data is protected allows you to focus on growing your business and other projects.

Automatic Copies

You can set the day of the week and time for backup creation, keeping the last three copies. Server operation is not interrupted during backup creation.

Custom Copies

If needed, you can create your own copy, and the latest version will be saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

A backup is essential to protect data from loss and ensures a quick recovery of the system`s operation.
The service can be ordered and paid for on the website when choosing a VPS server tariff plan.
In the settings of your VPS server order, go to the «Backup» section and activate the backup option.
The VPS server does not shut down during the creation of a backup and continues to operate normally.
Set the day of the week and time for the automatic backup of your VPS. Automatic backups are created once a week, storing the last two copies.
Yes, you can create backups manually once a week, keeping the latest custom backup.

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