Shared hosting from 2.3 $ per month

Hosting Ukraine – is a guarantee that your website will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. RX-NAME’s technicians are constantly monitoring the network and server infrastructure, so we guarantee that you will minimize the potential of any disconnections. If any maintenance works are expected, all our customers are informed before in a few days, so there will not be unpleasant surprises with your website uptime

Hosting Plans

VPS servers from 3 $ per month

The virtual server is an alternative for another method of website placing – rent or purchasing a dedicated server. It is not always an optimal solution because the cost of support and maintenance of the equipment may be excessive. Comparing to other ways of website placement, the VPS server has the following advantages: you can choose the tariff plan that meets your needs in the best way.

VPS plans

Dedicated servers from 57.62 $ per month

The main specialization of our company - hosting of servers. If you need a quality hosting with an excellent service, please contact us. All our clients get the configured and ready-to-use servers. Dedicated servers is a service that meets all the needs of large Internet projects and network resources with high attendance level. For a stable work without any failures, it needs to use big resources with a high level of security.

Server plans

Hosting in Ukraine

Ukrainian hosting is an inexpensive and affordable service for the websites of Ukrainian audience and for creation the mirrors of websites. If you have already purchased the domain name in our company, we recommend you to purchase an inexpensive hosting from RX-NAME also.

Since the Ukrainian domain zone covers a narrow audience, reliability of Ukrainian hosting is much higher and the "falls" of sites are rare. Among the other advantages of RX-NAME hosting - suitable management, that allows you to configure your website in a short time, make payments and renewal. Customer could make all configurations from the dashboard automatically and contact the support to get help.