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Advantages of virtual server - VPS


Flexibility and convenience

Some of the known issues of shared hosting are limited hard drive space and bandwidth for your website. VPS offers your business reliable,secured and high performance hosting solutions based on SSD technology.

Our technology

Control panel for virtual server and Xen-virtualization gives you a full control over the virtual server, the ability to monitor the resource usage and DNS settings.

DNS Management

Our free DNS management service gives you complete control and administration of DNS records of your domain name. You can add your domains and manage all NS-records.


In the rare case of server error, operational hardware RAID-controller for data preservation and back-up, and ECC RDIMM memory modules immediately correct the errors.

SSD drives

High-speed SSD drives significantly improve the download speed and your website performance by its efficient disk input/output system.

Free 24/7 support

Our employees will always provide you with superb and hassle-free technical support services without the frustration of having to deal with automated support systems.

VPS hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is a unique combination of price, performance and capacity. Using our Control Panel, you are given the opportunity to manage and take full-control of your virtual server. After the purchase of your virtual server you get a dedicated IP address, guaranteed amount of memory, operating system, root-access and qualified technical support.

Almost every successful company can’t go without its own website nowadays. Usually, at first, the website is located on shared inexpensive hosting, but over time it begins to miss opportunities. Our company, RX-NAME offers an optimal solution: you can buy VPS hosting and host your website on a virtual private server which is hosted on reliable equipment.

Operating Systems

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16.04, 18.04, 20.04, 22.04


7, 8




Windows Server

Windows Server

2012, 2016, 2019

Virtual server

The virtual server is an alternative for another method of website placing – renting or purchasing a dedicated server. These are not always optimal solutions because the cost of support and maintenance of the equipment may be excessive. Comparing to other ways of website placement, the VPS server has the following advantages: you can choose the plan that meets your company’s needs; VPS stability is provided by experienced specialists; and you have full-control over your website so you can flexibly manage its operation.

If you choose a virtual server for website hosting, you decide what parameters you need for your virtual machine, and the cost of service will depend on it. Some options are common for all plans. Anyway, you can select the characteristics of the Operating System and also get a dedicated IP-address. First of all, the price of VPS hosting depends on the amount of memory you require on your hard drive, amount of RAM and CPU performance. Moreover, you can get better terms, paying for a virtual server for an extended period of time.

Your company’s official website is an important resource for attracting potential customers. Thus, your website’s availability and stability effects your company’s reputation. Therefore, RX-NAME, will ensure almost 100% uptime of your websites through your virtual server. The website deployment on a virtual server is a great step in business development and open new opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our data center, built according to the Tier-III standard, is located in Ukraine.
After activating a virtual server, you will immediately get full access to it, which will allow you to install any software, the use of which does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine.
The price of VPS includes allocation of resources for the virtual server and automatic installation of the operating system. Backup is not included in the basic server settings. You can configure it by yourself. If necessary, you can contact our support through your personal account for consultation.
Our technicians can help you install the control panel. For this you need to write to our technical support. You can also install the panel by yourself.
Our company uses Xen virtualization for virtual servers.
If there is a need to increase the capacity of your virtual server, you need to switch to a more powerful tariff plan.
Yes, we guarantee a refund within 30 days from the moment your order is activated.
Yes, we will provide IPv6 to your VPS order. You need to write to our support team from your User Area.

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