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Virtual servers on High-Speed NVMe-Drives
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Advantages of virtual server - VPS NVMe


Flexibility and Comfort

Do you feel that your website is limited by hosting, and at the same time, a dedicated server seems too large an investment? Using a cloud VPS server may be the perfect solution, providing your site with more resources and power for efficient operation.

Technological Advantages

Our control panel for VPS and Xen virtualization technology provide full management of your virtual server. You will get access to detailed resource monitoring and convenient tools for DNS configuration, allowing you to optimize server performance with maximum efficiency.

Managing DNS

Take advantage of our free DNS management service to have absolute control over the DNS records of your domains. This will enable you to easily add domains and manage all NS records, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your online presence.

System Reliability

Our servers are equipped with ECC RDIMM memory modules that provide instant error correction, and a hardware RAID controller that guarantees data backup in case of a hard drive failure, ensuring high reliability of information storage.

NVMe Drives

NVMe drives offer significantly higher speed compared to standard SSDs, opening new horizons of performance for your website. They use direct access to the PCIe bus, providing instant data read and write, making website loading and request processing extremely fast.

24/7 Free Support

Our technical support team is always ready to assist you with any questions or problems. We offer free consultation and support around the clock. You can contact us at any time through your personal account.

VPS Hosting with NVMe Disks

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) from our company offer an optimal solution that combines affordability with high performance and power. With our intuitive control panel, you gain complete control over your virtual server. Each VPS is equipped with a dedicated IP address, guaranteed amount of RAM, selected operating system, and root access, not to mention professional technical support available 24/7.

Nowadays, no respectable company can do without its own website. Often at the beginning, websites are placed on shared hosting, but in time, its resources may become insufficient. Our company offers a solution to this problem with VPS hosting based on NVMe disks, which greatly outperform traditional SSDs in speed. Standard SSDs offer read and write speeds of about 500 MB/s, while NVMe disks can reach speeds up to 3500 MB/s, ensuring instant response to user requests and high page loading speed for your website.

Operating Systems

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16.04, 18.04, 20.04, 22.04


7, 8




Windows Server

Windows Server

2012, 2016, 2019

Virtual Server with NVMe Disks

Choosing a virtual server (VPS) is a critical step in the development of your online business. VPS from our company RX-NAME offers a high-performance solution using the latest NVMe disks, which provide high-speed data read and write, significantly exceeding traditional SSD disks. Such innovation allows your website to load instantly, providing the best experience for your users. With us, you not only get the choice of operating system and a dedicated IP address but also full control over the resources of your VPS, allowing you to flexibly scale services according to your needs.

When choosing a VPS, it is important to consider not only the server specifications but also the quality of support provided by our company. The stable operation and high availability of your site on our servers with NVMe disks enhance the reputation of your company and contribute to the growth of customer trust. By choosing our services, you also have the opportunity for cost-effective payment for long-term use, making investments in VPS even more attractive. By switching to a virtual server with NVMe disks from RX-NAME, you will experience a new level of speed and reliability of your web resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our data center, built according to the Tier-III standard, is located in Ukraine.
After activating a virtual server, you will immediately get full access to it, which will allow you to install any software, the use of which does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine.
The price of VPS includes allocation of resources for the virtual server and automatic installation of the operating system. Backup is not included in the basic server settings. You can configure it by yourself. If necessary, you can contact our support through your personal account for consultation.
Our technicians can help you install the control panel. For this you need to write to our technical support. You can also install the panel by yourself.
Our company uses Xen virtualization for virtual servers.
If there is a need to increase the capacity of your virtual server, you need to switch to a more powerful tariff plan.
Yes, we guarantee a refund within 30 days from the moment your order is activated.
Yes, we will provide IPv6 to your VPS order. You need to write to our support team from your User Area.

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