Dedicated severs

Full control. Capacity abd reliability.
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Dedicated server configuration

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Advantages of dedicated services


Choosing an operating system

For dedicated server some operating systems are for free: Linux, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and CentOS. You can also install a paid Microsoft Windows OS.

Setup and configuration

Technicians of data center will configure and se up servers you need. Server setup will take from1 to 48 hours, depending on configuration. Before the server is delivered to customer it is fully tested.

Remote control

Using the IP KVM and remote reboot, customers receive all the necessary tools for remote server management. This includes an access to the BIOS and switching on/off the server remotely.

Easy server management

Our company provides easy management of dedicated server, which allows you to manage and deal with all the questions and problem solving.

Support 24/7 for free

Our technicians are always ready to help with tech support and give an advice in any questions. You can contact support in tickets or by the toll free number

Free server transfer

Is your resource placed on a dedicated server or on hosting? Do you need an extra power? Our technicians will transfer your project for free and without disconnecting.

Rent of dedicated server

Our company’s basic direction is providing dedicated servers . If you need a reliable hosting with good support, do not hesitate to contact us. All the clients get configured and ready-to-work dedicated servers!

Dedicated servers are good for big online resources and online projects with the high attendance level. For a perfect functionality without any failures, it requires a large resource consumption and the high security level. And our company is ready to take all the responsibility for supporting dedicated servers and providing a good service.


Rent of server

Our technicians have a high experience level and are ready to solve any difficult problems. We have been getting enough experience in providing support to all our customers and are able to solve any problems. If you order a dedicated server, wetake all the responsibility for the result. We certainly know the very qualities our clients are interested in: functionality, stability, security and high performance.

Our main advantage is in providing the best solution for creating a successful network project and doing our best for developing business!

If in your plans is to create a big corporative resource, popular and high-attended website, web-design studio or any online-project, you should contact us. Dedicated server is the best solution for such purposes!

We are proud of being able to help lots of our customers with dedicated servers. It had been the foundation for building a profitable business. It’s like a new step forward, so we are waiting for new customers who are ready to move forward and reach new heights!

Nowadays the Internet is going to become the key instrument for business development. Many companies are ready to create their own web-sites, corporative resources or online stores for reaching their goals. That’s why a dedicated server renting became a popular service. There is a real need in professional providers, ready to work with new technologies and implement modern equipment. And if there is a need of a dedicated server, it is a highly developed sphere in Ukraine. But only the responsible partners may be chosen. So, our company is ready to become such a partner having a modern and powerful equipment and professional staff!