Referral program

Get up to 20% fee from every paid order.

The company RX-NAME offers its customers the possibility of additional and regular earnings! By inviting new users to our company by a unique referral link, you receive up to 20% of income from each order.

If you enjoy blogging, have a website, or impress people as an influential person, you will enjoy joining our referral program.

Each time when you talk about us, we will track the traffic coming to our website by the unique identifier of the partner and from each successful referral you will receive earnings.

Referral Money

Why I need to join the RX-NAME referral program?


Commissions up to 20%


Every user can join


Unlimited referrals

Many ways to spread

Many ways of spreading

No prepayment required

No prepayment required to join the program

Convenient partnership management

Convenient partnership management

Rules of Referral Program RХ-NAME

You can participate in referral program only if:
  • You have accepted our terms of services;
  • Your RX-NAME account has not been suspended or blocked;
  • You and the referrals you invite have complied with and continue to abide the rules of the referral program.
  • You receive a referral fee if the person you invited pay for the order in RX-NAME within 30 days after getting the invitation link.

Referral payments will be held for 30 days before they can be paid. Any violation of these rules during this period means that the fee may be lost.

Your accumulated amount must be at least 500 UAH before it could be paid.

If, in accordance with the laws of any country, we must hold or deduct any payment due to you, we will do so and pay you the net amount.

We offer various payment methods, depending on your country, including bank transfers, payment by Visa / MasterCard or crypto currency. However, for payments to some countries, we may also need to deduct the RX-NAME fee, bank or other payments from third-party transactions before paying you the net amount.

To be eligible for commissions for this program, you must comply with our terms of service.

The referral program continues to operate if within a calendar year after the last order, at least one service on the RX-NAME.UA website was ordered and paid by using your personal unique referral link, otherwise the enrollment of commissions is terminated and the referral balance is reset to zero.

The notification of deletion or deactivation of your account means that you will lose all commissions that you have earned.

The notice of deletion or decryption received by the person you invited, or any other violation of the terms of service by this person, means that you will lose the commission that you earned from this person.

Infringement of copyrights on your account deprives you of the right to participate in referral program and will lead to the loss of accumulated commissions.

We may suspend your account and remove you from participation in this referral program temporarily or permanently at our discretion.

We may close, suspend or modify this program at any time. The amended rules will apply to all future referrals. If we finally close this program, we will pay all fees payable in accordance with these rules within 30 days after closing.