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What is the cost of domain name registration

Our prices for domain names - one of the most affordable
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All prices are for the service within 12 months period.

Support 24/7

Help with registration, renewal and transfer your domains at any time

Free domain transfer

We will help you with requesting all the necessary documents and transferring the domain name to our system

Private registration

Provide the privacy of the contact information in the public search WHOIS

DNS management

Domains parking for free and getting NS from RX-NAME company

Why do you need
a domain name?


Purchasing a domain name, for example an Ukrainian one, is not only a good start for creating a website with Ukrainian audience but is a good way for investment of your funds. Business in the Internet is one of the fast-growing areas in the world - users always need new domain names at an affordable price.

You can register domain names in different zones: .com, .biz, .in., pro, .pw etc. Our price for domain names is one of the most affordable. We offer all the necessary configuration tools for website management and you get all the necessary information about your website within minutes.

What you get after domain registration?


Private registration

Private registration allows to register domain name and keep all the confidentiality of the personal data in public Whois database. This is a paid service.

Domain transfer lock

A convenient option that allows to lock your domain from transfer to another registrar, provide protection against theft and transfer. Using this, you will be confident in security of your domain name.

Domain redirect

Domain redirect allows to forward your domain name to the specified URL-address. All the domain records will be stored on our servers.

SSL support


While purchasing the domain name you can buy an SSL secure certificate for your website. When you get the SSL-certificate your website will use HTTPS protocol. HTTPS is a secure connection protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. With a HTTPS connection, all communications are securely encrypted. HTTPS is often used in online banking and online shopping order forms to protect the client’s data.

Setup SSL certificate and you visitor’s personal and banking information will be under protection and your website will have higher search rankings.