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The .in top-level domain was originally intended exclusively for Indian sites. Over time, its popularity has increased. Now everyone can go through the registration procedure. These can be commercial or non-profit organizations. It is allowed to buy a domain name for a period of one to ten years with the possibility of renewal. Among the advantages of registration should be noted the absence of special requirements. There is no need to collect a package of documents or prove your identity. To simplify the task, contact the experienced specialists at RX-NAME. Registration is carried out as quickly as possible, taking into account the wishes of customers.


An enterprise or an individual can register a domain. Different orientations of the sites are allowed. The domain is often used by those who are doing business in India, as well as looking for new customers and suppliers. Domain zone is often used by network administrators or fans of Indian culture. Using the .in domain helps to protect the brand and attract the attention of the target audience. The traffic on the site increases due to the increase in the number of interested buyers, indexing by search engines is simplified. When registering a trademark, full copyright protection is guaranteed, which reduces the risk of identity theft. The higher the level of trust in the resource, the greater is the flow of customers and income. You should buy a domain name now in order to find the most suitable name for your site.


Selecting and purchasing a domain is one of the key tasks when creating a website. The effectiveness of promotion and service traffic depends on this. Advantages of the design:

  • Choosing .in domain lets you find your audience. Targeted traffic increases, which increases the credibility of the resource.
  • Brand reliability. Using a verified domain name helps you avoid copyright infringement.
  • Optimal price, which allows you to purchase a domain with minimal spending.
  • Simplicity of the procedure. Experts will complete the task within the short time frame. First, the name of the resource is selected, after which its existence is checked against the database. If no analogues are found, the site is registered.
Domain registration can be done quickly and inexpensively with the help of RX-NAME. This is one of the key stages of brand promotion, so a special approach is required. Contact professionals who will complete the task in accordance with the established requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure that domain name is available for registration. Make an order for domain on the website and add it to cart. Next, pay for the domain name to complete the order. If you have not created an account, we will offer to register before checkout.
You can buy domains .UA from 1 to 10 years.
The process of domain renewal is simple and can be completed by following a few steps from your personal account.
If you want to transfer a domain name to RX-NAME, there are four steps to do this. Unlock the domain and get an authorization code. Initiate a transfer order from our website and pay for transfer. Then wait until transfer will be completed.
Yes, you can hide your contact information in WHOIS database and therefore your information will be protected from any vulnerabilities.

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