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14.86 $ per year
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14.86 $ per year
Whois Privacy Protection - 6 $


14.86 $ per year
Whois Privacy Protection - 6 $

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International domains: .nl

The domain .nl is common in the Netherlands. Registration can only be carried out by qualified companies that have the appropriate license. Such a domain is useful for individuals and legal entities. It is used to create websites of various types. It is important to follow the rules while registering domain names. They must not to contradict the current Dutch legislation.

It is forbidden to register a website if the trademark does not belong to its owner. Otherwise, sanctions could be applied. The domain name registration procedure is available to any individual or legal entity for a period of ten years with the possibility of renewal. To register domain it is enough to submit an appropriate application.

Features and registration rules

Registration in the domain zone requires compliance with certain rules, otherwise the application may be rejected. It is recommended to consider the following:

  • There is a limitation on the number of characters used in the name. It should not exceed sixty three. The minimum size is three characters. This allows you to come up with original combinations that have not been previously seen on the network. A top-level domain makes it possible to create a secure and reliable location for a resource on the Internet that instills trust in users.
  • Domain renewal is carried out a few days before the expiration date. It is recommended to apply in advance. The procedure will not take long.
  • After the expiration date, the domain is deleted if no renewal application has been submitted. This domain name can be occupied by another organization.
Domain registration is allowed to individuals and organizations that carry out commercial activities on the Internet. This is especially important for those working in the Dutch market.


You can buy a domain at an affordable price by contacting RX-NAME. This is a profitable investment that allows you to become the owner of a website in the largest domain zone. The number of resources increases annually, but the number of free titles decreases. If you need to improve targeted traffic in the Netherlands, you should consider buying in advance.

Domain registration is an opportunity to enter the international market, present your products to advanced clients. The procedure is performed in a short time. It is enough to submit an application and in a day you can start promoting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure that domain name is available for registration. Make an order for domain on the website and add it to cart. Next, pay for the domain name to complete the order. If you have not created an account, we will offer to register before checkout.
You can buy domains .UA from 1 to 10 years.
The process of domain renewal is simple and can be completed by following a few steps from your personal account.
If you want to transfer a domain name to RX-NAME, there are four steps to do this. Unlock the domain and get an authorization code. Initiate a transfer order from our website and pay for transfer. Then wait until transfer will be completed.
Yes, you can hide your contact information in WHOIS database and therefore your information will be protected from any vulnerabilities.

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