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International domains: .us

The .us domain is recommended for general purpose websites. It is popular not only in North America, but also in other countries of the world. It is used in cases when it is required to attract an English-speaking audience in the process of promoting goods and services in the Internet. The domain zone is acceptable for organizations that carry out commercial activities in the United States.

Different sites are allowed to be registered. It can be entertainment portals, thematic forums, blogs, notes for tourists, photo resources. Domain purchase is beneficial for those owners who are going to promote their company in the international market. This is especially true for organizations offering information services.

Domain Purpose and Application

A state-level domain is considered to be more prestigious than others. It instills confidence in users, emphasizes the reliability and security of the portal. A large number of unoccupied names allows you to choose an original combination that is easy to remember.

Registration is available for organizations, individuals who work directly with American partners and consumers. There are no strict requirements or restrictions. The main condition is residence and registration in the United States of America.

.Us domain space is the best choice for those who intend to declare themselves to the whole world. Such advertising will be more effective, and the service or product will find its consumer. The domain can be used by both companies located directly in the United States and by foreigners. It is enough to obtain the appropriate permits to conduct commercial or non-commercial activities.


You can register a domain at an affordable price by contacting RX-NAME. Sites located in the .us address space have a number of advantages:

  • The top-level domain name is used, which allows you to form trust relationships with potential customers. Complete safety and protection of user information is guaranteed, which increases the ranking in search results.
  • Demonstration of belonging to the American community.
  • Increasing brand awareness in the international market.
  • Ability to choose any domain name. A large number of free combinations allows you to choose a suitable and memorable name.
Anyone can buy a domain. First, you need to leave a request. After that, the name is approved, the payment is transferred. In a short time, you can become a full-fledged website owner in America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure that domain name is available for registration. Make an order for domain on the website and add it to cart. Next, pay for the domain name to complete the order. If you have not created an account, we will offer to register before checkout.
You can buy domains .UA from 1 to 10 years.
The process of domain renewal is simple and can be completed by following a few steps from your personal account.
If you want to transfer a domain name to RX-NAME, there are four steps to do this. Unlock the domain and get an authorization code. Initiate a transfer order from our website and pay for transfer. Then wait until transfer will be completed.
Yes, you can hide your contact information in WHOIS database and therefore your information will be protected from any vulnerabilities.

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