Recently, while sitting in the office, I was struck with the thought that the IT industry is not well-represented in modern art. I decided to fix that and asked an artist to create a sketch of our data center, to bring digital technology onto canvas, so to speak. It turned out quite well.

In modern art, the form or rather the narrative is what matters. In the digital world, where wide-format printers are available, most people are willing to pay for a beautiful narrative rather than the product of an artist’s brush.

Катина холст дата-центр
The painting “Data center Ukraine” / Artist Svetlana Lyubitskaya

How long did it take to paint the picture?

The painting took several months to complete and all our wishes were taken into account. But in reality, the question is not entirely accurate. Some works are created in just a few hours, while others can take years. According to legend, Kazimir Malevich created his “Black Square” just a few hours before the exhibition. According to the legend, Malevich did not have time to finish the painting and simply painted it with black paint. This was partially confirmed when art historians decided to X-ray the “Black Square” and saw another painting underneath. This work can be interpreted in different ways, but one cannot deny that it had a huge influence on art as a whole, as if placing a black, square dot in the emerging debate between the classical school and the emerging abstractionism.

How much time does an artist need to devote to painting one picture?

If we talk about a longer period of creating a work, then the first thing that comes to mind is the masterpiece fresco of the Sistine Chapel by the famous Renaissance artist Michelangelo. This masterpiece was created for four years and was commissioned by the Pope due to cracks that appeared in the dome during construction and damaged the work of the masters who worked on the fresco before Michelangelo. However, at present, the Sistine Chapel is associated with Michelangelo.

Дата-Центр Украина
Data Center Server.UA

Meaning and Content

When painting, artists put different meanings and goals into their work. For some, art is a way of dealing with their shortcomings, for example, for Jackson Pollock, art was a way of fighting alcoholism. There are artists for whom their creativity is an obsession. A vivid example is the series of paintings “Demon” by Vrubel. For some, painting is a way to get through difficult moments in life. For example, in the paintings of Frida Kahlo, one can observe her suffering from the loss of a child and practically feel the pain from the consequences of the accident she had in her youth. Each painting is a story that should be studied. Looking at our painting, one can think about “Dedicated server rental” or “Buy VPS hosting” in the data center Server Ukraine.

Cost of the Painting

Works of art do not have a fixed value and over time become only more valuable. As we know, Van Gogh barely survived on pennies all his life, but now his works are worth millions. Who knows, maybe the artist who painted our picture will become famous, and we will be able to exhibit his work for a significant sum. But the main thing, of course, is not the money; the main thing is the meaning of the painting. Our team is grateful to the artist for his creativity, thanks to which our office has been transformed.