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How to Find a Reliable Place for Continuous Server Operation?

Colocation of servers

Today, access to information and online services has become an integral part of our lives and businesses, making the reliability and uninterrupted operation of servers a key success factor. This issue is particularly acute in Ukraine, where the return to regular power outages due to attacks on critical infrastructure forces entrepreneurs to seek alternative solutions.

So, how do you find a reliable place for the continuous operation of your own server? Let’s discuss this in more detail in our article.

How does the number of cores in a server processor determine its efficiency?

Server processor

In today’s digital world, servers play a vital role, not just in the IT field. They are the backbone of cloud services, websites, databases, and many other online resources. And one of the key components of a server that determines its performance is the processor.

Most modern server processors have multiple cores. But what exactly does this mean and how does the number of cores affect the server’s performance? We will tell you about it in today’s article.

How to check the security of your own server? What should not be ignored?

How to check the security of your own server?

In today’s world, where information is a key resource for understanding and perceiving everything around us, server security is becoming increasingly necessary.

Your own server can be a repository of valuable data, both personal and business, so protecting it from cyberattacks is an extremely important task today.

How to Choose a Reliable Location for Server Equipment Hosting?

Server equipment hosting

Server equipment is a crucial component of any IT infrastructure. It ensures data storage, information processing, and access to services. Therefore, selecting a reliable location for hosting server equipment is essential for uninterrupted operation and security.

One such option is colocation – a service that involves placing a client’s server equipment in a provider’s data center. This special facility provides optimal conditions for the equipment’s operation.

The Best Server Processors of 2023

The best server processors

2023 was a landmark year for the world of server processors, offering a significant spectrum of choices for users with different needs and budgets. From budget models optimized for basic tasks to powerful gaming and high-end processors meeting the demands of professional users and gamers, this year brought diversity and innovation. Today, in this article, we will take a closer look at each segment, focusing on their key features, advantages, and approximate cost in the Ukrainian market, to help you choose the best processor according to your needs and budget.

New VNC Console Feature by RX-NAME: Full Control Over Your VPS Server

VNC console

In a world of relentless digital innovation, RX-NAME also continues to evolve and follow new trends. Today, we are excited to introduce a revolutionary update and our new feature for accessing VPS (Virtual Private Server) servers via VNC (Virtual Network Computing) console. This technological step provides all RX-NAME clients with uninterrupted and straightforward access to their servers, even when the usual SSH (Secure Shell) connection is unavailable.

Practical Guide: How to Transfer Your Website to RX-NAME.UA Hosting

How to transfer website to new hosting?

At first glance, transferring a website to a new hosting service might seem like a daunting task, especially for those who have never dealt with it before. However, by following the step-by-step instructions we have prepared for you today using RX-NAME.UA as an example, you can easily and safely transfer your site to any hosting service. So let’s begin!

Why Hiring a Server Administrator: The Importance of a Professional’s Work in Online Business

Server administrator

In every field of activity, professionals play a vital role in the functioning of the entire process, and in online business, one of these key figures is the administrator. They are divided into several types depending on the direction of work, such as a system administrator, network administrator, database administrator, or security administrator. However, in this article, let’s take a closer look at the profession of a server administrator and find out why their work is an integral part of success in any online business.

A New Era of Productivity and Speed: RX-NAME Introduces VPS Servers on NVMe Drives

VPS servers on NVMe drives

Dear RX-NAME clients, we are excited to share thrilling news that will change your perception of the hosting world. RX-NAME now offers the unique opportunity to order VPS servers powered by cutting-edge NVMe drives.

Practical Tips for Extending the Service Life of a Dedicated Server

Dedicated server

Dedicated servers are an essential part of many business operations, offering high performance and reliability. However, like any other equipment, they require proper care and attention to ensure long-lasting and effective use. In this article, we will discuss how to do it right and what practical tips to consider to extend the service life of your dedicated server.

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