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WHOIS: What the Domain Database is Made of and How to Use It

Database WHOIS

In this age of innovation and digitalization across various sectors of our lives, domain names play a crucial role in defining the online presence of many business projects. To gather additional information about domain names, their owners, and various parameters, there exists a tool called WHOIS. In this article, we’ll delve into the essence of the WHOIS database, explore its history, decode the meanings of different domain statuses, and provide guidance on how to utilize this tool to enrich your understanding of the online landscape.

Domain Transfer: Key Aspects and Transfer Procedure

Domain transfer

Domain names have long become an integral part of our online identity. They not only provide a path to our personal web resources but also serve as a significant component of branding and user convenience. However, there may arise a need to change registrars or domain owners. This is where the domain transfer procedure comes into play.

How much does a domain name cost?

Today we will discuss the factors that influence the prices of domain names.

If you have ever been tasked with registering a domain name, you may have noticed that prices range from a couple of dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. It is known that prices have reached several tens of millions of dollars. There are many examples in history, one of them being VacationRentals.com, which was sold for $35 million. As explained by HomeAway founder Brian Sharples, the company decided to purchase this domain in 2007 to prevent competitors like Expedia from acquiring it.

Top-level domain UA: history and characteristics

UA is a top-level domain in Ukraine. It is used for registering new websites that target Ukrainian users. Typically, second-level subdomains are used when registering trademarks or commercial organizations. According to current legislation, registration of second-level domains in the domain zone is possible in cases where the website name completely matches the name of the trademark.

Домен .mk.ua переходит на протокол EPP!

С 15 мая 2017 года домен mk.uanikolaev.ua, который является географическим доменом города Николаева и Николаевской области, переходит на новый протокол автоматизации EPP.

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