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Search Engine Optimization: The Role of Domain Name in SEO

The role of domain name in SEO

In the new era of digitalization, it has once again been proven that search engine optimization (SEO) becomes a crucial factor in the success of online projects. Its proper use determines whether potential clients will find your website among the multitude of similar options and whether they will continue to interact with it. But how do we understand when the use of SEO is effective and what can influence its changes? Let’s discuss these questions in our article today.

Is Your Domain in Spam? An Action Plan to Resolve the Issue

Domain in spam

Spam is a problem that can affect any domain or email inbox, potentially causing significant inconvenience and jeopardizing your domain’s reputation. If you’ve encountered this issue, there’s no need to panic. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why a domain can end up in spam and provide you with a comprehensive action plan to address this unpleasant situation.

DNS Records for Beginners: How to Properly Configure Your Domain

DNS records

When you create your own website, one of the first questions you need to learn and understand is related to domain DNS records. DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that translates human-readable domain names, such as «example.com», into IP addresses that computers can understand. These records define how your domain is displayed on the Internet and what services it uses. In this article, we will discuss the essence of DNS domain records, why they are needed, and how to properly configure your domain.

From IP Addresses to Domains: The History of Domain Names

The history of domain names

The modern internet relies heavily on the domain name system (DNS) to make it easy for people to identify websites and resources online. But how did the history of domain names begin, and how did they evolve from the early days of IP addresses to complex hierarchical structures? In this article, we’ll delve into the origins and development of domain names.

Mirror Domain Zones in Ukraine: What They Are and What to Consider

Mirror domain zones

Domain zones are a key element of the Internet, allowing you to assign a unique address to a website. Ukraine also has its own domain zones, including the popular «.ua». However, for certain purposes, mirror domain zones can be useful. In this article, we will explore what they are, the types available, and what to consider when choosing them.

Connecting a Domain to Your Chosen Hosting Provider: Steps and Recommendations

Connecting a domain to hosting provider

We are all familiar with that instant association when we enter a chosen address in a web browser and immediately arrive at the desired website. But how does this happen exactly? How does your computer or mobile device «know» where to direct you on the global Internet? The answer is a domain.

WHOIS: What the Domain Database is Made of and How to Use It

Database WHOIS

In this age of innovation and digitalization across various sectors of our lives, domain names play a crucial role in defining the online presence of many business projects. To gather additional information about domain names, their owners, and various parameters, there exists a tool called WHOIS. In this article, we’ll delve into the essence of the WHOIS database, explore its history, decode the meanings of different domain statuses, and provide guidance on how to utilize this tool to enrich your understanding of the online landscape.

How to Create a Corporate Email on Your Own Domain?

Corporate email

In the modern business world, where online communication holds significant importance, having a corporate email on your own domain becomes a substantial factor for enhancing your business’s position in a competitive environment. It signifies not only professionalism but also serves as a powerful tool for building trust with clients and partners. In this article, we will delve deeper into what a corporate email is, why it is important, and how to create one on your own domain.

QR Codes: How They’ve Transformed Information Exchange

QR codes

In the modern digital world, where information is rapidly exchanged and transmitted, QR codes have become a crucial link in the communication chain. These enigmatic mosaics of black squares on a white background have changed the way data is exchanged, revolutionizing our perception of information. Today, let’s delve into the history of QR codes and define their impact on contemporary society.

Domain Transfer: Key Aspects and Transfer Procedure

Domain transfer

Domain names have long become an integral part of our online identity. They not only provide a path to our personal web resources but also serve as a significant component of branding and user convenience. However, there may arise a need to change registrars or domain owners. This is where the domain transfer procedure comes into play.

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