Month: April 2020

Protect yourself from data theft – iOS Mail app vulnerability

Recently, we discovered a serious vulnerability in the built-in mail client for iOS by Apple. The first information about this vulnerability was disclosed by the research group ZecOps.

ssh public key

We recommend that you pre-load your new VPS with SSH keys!

We have added the ability to add SSH keys to your new virtual machines! You can now add your public SSH keys in the customer control panel and deploy your virtual machine. To access this feature, visit the “My SSH Keys” section on the home page of your customer control panel.

What is VPS hosting for?

When a company is just starting out, a cheap and not very powerful hosting platform is usually chosen for the website. As the business grows, the initially chosen resources become insufficient and website owners are presented with 2 alternatives: to purchase or rent a dedicated server, or to explore VPS hosting.


Обновленная реферальная программа!

Мы рады объявить о обновление  и улучшении реферальной программы RX-NAME.

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