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Google Launches Free Programs for Small and Medium Businesses

Free programs from Google

Today, Ukrainian businesses face numerous challenges, but, despite this, they also encounter many new opportunities. Google, aiming to assist Ukrainian entrepreneurs in developing and scaling their business, has launched three free educational programs. These include: «Grow with Google: Small Business Program», «Safer with Google: Cybersecurity Basics for Businesses», and «Find New Customers Abroad».

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Website VS Social Networks. Which is better to choose for promoting goods and services online?

Website VS social networks

In today’s world, online promotion is one of the most important tools for successful business development. It can increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and even boost sales.

The most popular channels for online promotion are websites and social networks, which are often used by various companies. However, which of them is better to choose for promoting your own goods and services? Let’s determine that in our article today.

Caring Technical Support: 10 Advantages of Human Interaction Over Chatbots

Company’s technical support

Technologies have brought significant changes to customer support work, and the most notable example is the use of chatbots for interacting with customers. This can be quick and convenient, but is it always the best solution? Let’s take a closer look today at 10 advantages of «live» communication with a technical support representative, comparing them to the work of chatbots.

Creating Corporate Email: From Choosing a Domain to Setup

Corporate email

Corporate email is electronic mail used by company employees for communication among themselves, with clients, and partners. It has several advantages over a regular mailbox, such as increased security, reliability, and ease of use. Therefore, its application is often a crucial component in building effective interaction and communication among employees in many companies and corporations. However, what should you do if you just want to implement corporate email in your team, how to create and properly set it up? Let’s talk about this in our article today.

Innovations in Customer Support: Chatbots, AI, and Automation

Innovation in customer support

In the era of innovative technologies, customer support is undergoing a true revolution. Nowadays, chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation are opening new horizons for a multitude of companies in communicating with customers, thereby providing more efficient and personalized service. Let’s take a closer look at each of them today.

Google Maps as a Marketing Tool: Secrets to Achieving Top Positions

Google Maps

In our previous articles, we have repeatedly mentioned that in the modern world, where digital presence is quite an important component for the success of any business, tools that improve online visibility become an integral part of the marketing strategy. One such tool is Google Maps, which is not only a navigation service but also a powerful channel for promoting a business online. So today in this article, we will look at how exactly Google Maps can be used for marketing and what strategies help achieve high positions in search engines, thereby increasing the attractiveness and accessibility of the business to potential customers.

How can a business become more noticeable? Tips from SEO specialists

How can a business become more noticeable?

Local search plays a significant role in SEO optimization and is an important factor for the successful promotion of small and medium-sized businesses on the Internet. For many entrepreneurs, it can even be the only way to attract customers and increase their turnover. So what is local search and how can it help a business become more noticeable? Let’s talk about this in our article today.

How to Set Up Email: Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Setting up email

Email is an important and integral part of the operation of any modern company. Today, it is not only a means of exchanging information, but also an essential tool for business, marketing, and customer service. Therefore, knowing the basic tools for working with email is essential, but its specific settings for effective operation are even more important, which we will focus on in our article today.

How to Increase Sales for an Online Store: 10 Proven Methods

How to increase sales for an online store?

Success in online retail is determined by many factors that can have both a positive and negative impact. However, among all these elements, it is extremely important to focus on one key aspect – the volume of sales, which defines the business’s positioning in the competitive environment of the modern internet world and indicates its own development. Sometimes, however, the result of this process can fluctuate under the influence of various external and internal factors, which significantly do not meet previous expectations. So, what exactly are the factors that affect sales, how to respond to these challenges, and what strategies to apply to improve the situation? These key questions will be discussed in our article today.

Practical Guide: How to Transfer Your Website to RX-NAME.UA Hosting

How to transfer website to new hosting?

At first glance, transferring a website to a new hosting service might seem like a daunting task, especially for those who have never dealt with it before. However, by following the step-by-step instructions we have prepared for you today using RX-NAME.UA as an example, you can easily and safely transfer your site to any hosting service. So let’s begin!

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