Digital education

Ukraine, like many other countries, is experiencing the era of digital transformation, where innovative technologies have become an essential component of every aspect of society. In this context, digital literacy skills have become crucial for citizens of all age groups. That’s why the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine launched the «Diia.Education» project, initially aimed at teaching millions of Ukrainians digital literacy. Now, it is expanding and offering citizens the opportunity to acquire new professions online, thereby increasing the knowledge and versatility of personal development among the population.

In 2019, digital literacy of citizens officially became a priority of the state with the «Diia.Digital Education» project. In February 2020, the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched the national online platform «Diia.Digital Education», which made educational series aimed at developing digital skills available. Within the same year, over 50 such series were created. Additionally, the first national digital literacy test called «Cyphrogram» was introduced.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in 2021, only 53% of Ukrainians had a basic level of digital literacy, 15.1% of citizens had no digital skills at all, and 37.9% had a low level of competence in this area. This is a significant obstacle to Ukraine’s development and competitiveness in the global digital market. Therefore, the Ministry of Digital Transformation has taken on the task of expanding the «Diia.Education» project and providing citizens with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge for their personal self-development.

This year, the Ministry of Digital Transformation proposed and introduced an updated «Diia.Education» project, which opens doors for all interested Ukrainians to enter the world of new professions and skills. It allows our citizens to master over 50 different professions for free, using 50 new educational series and 50 simulators. Additionally, an English-language adaptation of the platform has been added.

For example, through this project, you can learn more about the professions of UI/UX designer, SMM and SEO specialist, wallpaper installer, pastry chef, and even take a basic course in entrepreneurship to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for employment in IT companies.

In summary, the «Diia.Education» project by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine is a significant initiative that enables citizens to acquire new skills and prepare for the modern digital job market. Developing professional competence in various fields opens up new opportunities for career growth and personal development. This project contributes to building a modern and competitive Ukrainian society that is open to new challenges and ready to overcome them. So, join it and master new skills and professions.