The requirement of having a registered trademark is mandatory for registering a domain name in the most prestigious domain zone of Ukraine – UA. It is one of the main conditions set by the administrator of this domain zone. This requirement is stipulated in the rules and regulations that must be followed by all domain registrars.

According to the approved regulations, a domain name can only be delegated if it fully or partially (before the period “.,” but not including this symbol) matches a trademark whose rights belong to the registrant in Ukraine. In this context, a trademark is understood as a Certificate for a mark for goods and services, in other words – a trademark. Therefore, the domain name must be identical to the registered trademark.

When registering a trademark, several important points need to be considered in order to be able to register the desired domain name:

  1. Uniqueness verification. Before submitting an application for trademark registration, a detailed check should be conducted to ensure the uniqueness of the proposed mark. This will help avoid conflicts with existing registered marks and ensure the freedom of future use of the proposed name.
  2. Clarity and readability. The trademark should be clear and easily readable. It is advisable to avoid complex fonts, ambiguous or difficult-to-perceive symbols. The domain name should be unambiguously understandable based on the mark’s representation.
  3. Absence of symbols similar to graphical elements. If the trademark contains a graphical element, it is important to ensure that this element does not resemble symbols that can be used in domain names. The presence of a graphical element similar to letters or numbers can lead to the rejection of the domain name registration.
  4. Transliteration. Domain names in the UA domain zone must be written in Latin characters. Therefore, if a trademark is registered in Cyrillic, transliteration should be carried out. It is important to use recognized transliteration tables approved in relevant standards or recommendations.
  5. Correct identification of the trademark owner. Only the owner of a registered trademark can be the owner of a UA domain. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the information about the domain owner accurately matches the information in the Certificate of Trademark Registration.

By considering these points when registering a trademark, you increase the likelihood of successfully registering the desired domain name in the UA domain zone. Additionally, it should be noted that during the transliteration of characters, the registrant (domain owner) can choose one of the approved transliteration tables according to the standards and recommendations provided in the regulations.

How is the registration of a domain name done?

The procedure for registering a UA domain and verifying the conformity of the mark includes the following stages:

  1. Domain check: Using the appropriate service, a check is conducted to verify the availability of the domain name.
  2. Entering registrant data in the personal account.
  3. Payment.

After submitting the application and making the payment, various checks are carried out: checking the protection of the mark in Ukraine, the validity of the Certificate, the conformity of the mark to the claimed domain, and the match of the mark’s owner with the domain’s owner. If any of these points are violated, the registration may be denied. In case of refusal, the money will be refunded, and the application will be rejected.

If any errors are detected, such as incorrect identification of the domain owner, the data can be corrected, and the application can be resubmitted. If the reason for refusal was the incorrectness of the mark, only the registration of the required trademark can resolve this situation.

According to the regulations, the review period for an application can take up to 14 days, but in practice, this process usually occurs faster.

How to correctly register a domain name?

To successfully register a UA domain and obtain the desired name, you can follow these recommendations:

  1. Register a verbal trademark.
  2. Check the transliteration table in advance.
  3. Avoid conflicting fonts and spellings.
  4. Avoid using graphical elements resembling letters or numbers.

If you need consultation regarding the registration of UA domains, you can contact the specialists of the company RX-NAME.UA, who have extensive experience in registering and supporting owners of trademarks and UA domains.