How can a business become more noticeable?

Local search plays a significant role in SEO optimization and is an important factor for the successful promotion of small and medium-sized businesses on the Internet. For many entrepreneurs, it can even be the only way to attract customers and increase their turnover. So what is local search and how can it help a business become more noticeable? Let’s talk about this in our article today.

What is local search?

Local search is the process of searching for goods and services available in a specific region or locality. Its main essence lies in ensuring that users who are looking for products or services in a particular location find your business among the first search results. And the effectiveness of your local search depends on the settings and tools you choose for it. So let’s further consider what can and should be done on your website to appear in the TOP of local search.

How to become more noticeable in local search and occupy the top positions?

1. Develop and create a unique search identifier for your company.

To achieve better results in SEO, it is important to create a single identifier for your company combining its name, address, and phone number, and use it everywhere. Write the full name without abbreviations and provide a brief description of yourself and your business. Regarding the company’s address, choose one option and apply it in all cases. The phone number should also be presented in a unified format without any other variations. This will help improve the visibility of your company in search engines and ensure effective SEO promotion.

2. Register your website on Google My Business.

Linking your website to Google My Business allows you to manage the process of displaying your business in Google search results. You can add photos, reviews, and update information about working hours, making it easier for customers to find and contact you. And do not forget to use the same company identifier everywhere.

3. Properly organize the elements of your website’s URL.

Your website’s URL should be short, easy to read, and include keywords directly related to your business and location. For example, «».

Such a properly structured website allows the search engine to effectively recognize the content of its pages and determine their connection to a specific city or region.

4. Develop detailed and quality informational material for your pages.

In the context of SEO, in addition to the usual textual factors, aspects such as specificity, usefulness to the visitor, and completeness of the information provided are important. To this end, create pages that detail your products or services, as well as the features of your location. Relevant, informative content attracts user attention and increases their trust in your brand.

5. Optimize your website’s showcase pages with local geographic names.

Use key phrases with toponyms (names of cities, districts, etc.) in titles, meta descriptions, and page texts. For example, «Best restaurant in Kiev» or «Breakfast in Podol». This will immediately help bring your site to the top positions of search results.

6. Structure the data on your web pages using micro-markup.

Using micro-markup helps search engines better understand the data on your site, including address, phone number, working hours, and the cost of goods or services. These additional data are better read and used for indexing and ranking.

7. Place a map on your site with a marker of your geographical location.

Placing a map on the site with a marker of your location makes it easier for customers to physically find you and simultaneously improves your rating in local search.

8. Highlight the unique and special places of your region.

If your business has features related to the location, such as notable tourist spots or local events, highlight them on your website and other sources. This will help attract more attention than usual.

9. Analyze and improve your website’s internal hyperlink system.

Internal linking helps users more easily navigate between different pages of your site. For this, ensure their logical structure and add links to local pages from other important pages of the site.

Overall, each of these criteria is of great importance for the successful local SEO of different companies. Therefore, to achieve the best results, it is important to follow our tips today and constantly update information on your website and other online platforms.

And remember, local search is a great way to attract new customers and increase your own visibility on the Internet. Use it correctly and let it always bring you only positive results.