When a company is just starting out, a cheap and not very powerful hosting platform is usually chosen for the website. As the business grows, the initially chosen resources become insufficient and website owners are presented with 2 alternatives: to purchase or rent a dedicated server, or to explore VPS hosting.

VPS (virtual private server) is a virtually dedicated server. In terms of convenience, efficiency, and security of operating system management, cloud hosting is almost indistinguishable from physically dedicated servers. However, virtual platforms are more cost-effective and provide a much better price/performance ratio compared to standard virtual hosting.

A virtual VPS server is optimal in cases when previously chosen hosting resources become insufficient and purchasing a dedicated server seems impractical. VPS provides website owners with a range of previously unavailable features:

  • Increased power without a significant increase in website maintenance costs;
  • Flexible management parameters of website operations (you control the process yourself);
  • Stability of operation;
  • Ability to choose an optimal tariff plan tailored to your specific needs.

By its main parameters and management capabilities, VPS corresponds to a classic dedicated server, offering clients:

  • Root access;
  • Private IP addresses;
  • DNS management;
  • Operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.).

The main reason for transitioning from traditional hosting to virtual hosting is a lack of power to expand and optimize the website. These indicators determine the cost of the purchased VPS platform. By purchasing a cloud server, you choose a tariff plan with parameters that meet your requirements. Key elements that determine the final price include:

  • Disk space (from 25 to 80 GB on SSD disk);
  • RAM (from 1024 to 4096 MB);
  • Processor performance (1 or 2 cores).

Buying a cloud server from our company is a guarantee of uninterrupted and productive website operation. Full control and management of DNS records for your domain names, high-speed SSD disks to increase input/output data system performance, a virtual server control panel, reliable memory modules, and round-the-clock support from our technical support team will open up new opportunities for your business development.”