How to create beautiful images in Chat GPT?

DALL-E is an instantly impressive example of how artificial intelligence can create incredible images using deep learning and text descriptions. Although it was first introduced to the world in January 2021, it is only now gaining widespread popularity, including in Ukraine. At first glance, there is nothing complicated about it, but the question still arises: how to use DALL-E to create unique and beautiful images that will make designers’ work easier, and what practical tips can be used to achieve even better results? We’ll talk about this in our article today.

What is DALL-E?

DALL-E is a neural model created through machine learning, developed by OpenAI and based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. Its main idea is the ability to generate digital images based on a text description, the so-called «prompt». DALL-E learns to understand it and create visual representations corresponding to this description. Therefore, it is important to formulate the request to artificial intelligence correctly and clearly to truly obtain the desired result.

How to make requests for generating unique images?

Firstly, to have DALL-E create the image you want, it is important to formulate a text description accurately and clearly. Let’s consider a few tips:

1. Detail the description.

Try to be as detailed as possible in your text description. For example, if you want to create a picture of a bear, specify its type, size, primary colors, and distinctive features.

2. Experiment with words.

You can use unusual words or their interesting combinations to obtain unusual images. For example, «cosmic kitten» or «flying shark».

3. Use additional attributes.

You can add attributes, such as «in the style of Van Gogh» or «similar to cubism», to influence the style of the created image.

What plugins can be used?

In addition to the above-mentioned tips on the correctness of requests, there are also some plugins and tools that help facilitate working with DALL-E and integrate it into the design process. Among them:


OpenAI provides an API for DALL-E, which allows integrating it into your programs or web services. This, in turn, helps automate the process of generating images and use them on your website or in applications.

2. DALL-E plugin for graphic editors.

Some developers have created plugins for graphic editors that allow easily integrating DALL-E into Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other similar programs. This makes the process of creating images even more convenient for designers.

How will this facilitate designers’ work?

Using DALL-E can greatly facilitate the work of designers not only in graphic editors but in general helps provide them with unique ideas and concepts for their projects. And here’s why:

  • Quick access to inspiration. Designers can gain quick access to new ideas and variations based on their text descriptions, significantly speeding up and simplifying the process of creating new images.
  • Time and resource savings. Instead of developing images from scratch, designers can use DALL-E for quick generation of visual material, and then edit it, simultaneously saving time and resources.

How to learn to use DALL-E: practical tips

DALL-E is a useful tool not only for designers but also for employees of various companies and for each of us. And, if you want to learn to use it, we have some practical tips for you:

1. Explore.

Start with experiments. Enter different text descriptions and observe the results. This will help you better understand the capabilities of the algorithm.

2. Use structured text.

Try structured and clear image descriptions. This can improve the quality of the results obtained.

3. Study the API and plugins.

If you plan to use DALL-E in your projects, study the API documentation and consider the possibility of using plugins for your chosen graphic editor.

4. Share your experience.

Discuss your results and research with other DALL-E users. Interacting with them can inspire you with new ideas and contribute to the improvement of your techniques.

In summary, DALL-E is a powerful modern tool for creating beautiful and unique images using text descriptions. It opens up new possibilities for creativity and simplifies the work not only for designers but also for other professions in various fields of activity. And, if you are just starting to explore it, use our practical tips and explore this exciting tool for creating your own visual masterpieces today.