EV SSL certificate

Ensuring security in the online environment has become more crucial than ever before. And we remember that one of the key tools in this process of interaction between users and websites is SSL certificates. They ensure secure data transmission between the user and the server, providing confidentiality and integrity of information. In this article, we will recall what SSL certificates are and take a closer look at why EV SSL certificates are so important for your company’s website.

SSL Certificate – the foundation of Internet security

Let’s remind ourselves that SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that provides data encryption between the web server and the user’s web browser. This prevents attackers from gaining access to transmitted data, such as personal information, passwords, credit card numbers, and more. SSL certificates are installed on the web server and verify the legitimacy of the domain and its owner.

EV SSL certificates – the highest level of trust

Now let’s delve into the essence of Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL). This is the highest level of SSL certificates, providing the highest level of trust and security for websites. The distinctive feature of EV SSL certificates is a visual identifier in the browser’s address bar – a green bar with the organization’s name, allowing users to unequivocally recognize the legitimacy of the website. To obtain an EV SSL certificate, companies need to undergo a rigorous verification process, including legal documents and physical address verification.

Advantages of EV SSL certificates

Undoubtedly, if this certificate ensures the highest level of security, it also comes with several advantages compared to other SSL certificates. Some of the main ones include:

1. High level of trust

The green address bar is a sign that your website has undergone thorough verification and is trusted.

2. Phishing protection

EV SSL certificates help avoid phishing attacks where malicious actors attempt to pose as a legitimate website.

3. Increased conversion

Users are more inclined to interact with websites that have a green address bar, potentially boosting conversion rates.

4. Image assurance

An EV SSL certificate demonstrates the company’s high level of security awareness and data protection for users.

When to choose an EV SSL certificate?

EV SSL certificates are worth considering for websites where users’ personal data is particularly sensitive, such as e-commerce sites, banks, financial institutions, payment systems, portals with authorization, and more. They are best suited for companies aiming to maximize the protection of their customers and ensure a reliable reputation.

Before choosing an SSL certificate of this type, pay attention to hosting providers that offer relevant services and select the one that best suits your specific needs. For example, companies like RX-NAME offer a wide range of services for purchasing and configuring SSL certificates, including EV SSL. Their experts can help you choose the optimal solution based on your business’s specifics and provide consultation on any related matters.

In conclusion, don’t compromise the security of your business and the trust of your customers. Choose an EV SSL certificate and be confident in the reliability of your website.

And remember, your security is the top priority!