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What directions exist in the IT field and which one is suitable for you?

In the modern world, the IT industry is rapidly evolving and offers numerous directions for exploration. The market has become so vast that anyone can find their place in it, regardless of their skills and interests. Today, let’s consider several main directions in the IT field and find out which one is personally suitable for you.

VPN Services: When They Are Needed and Which Ones to Choose?

More and more people around the world are using virtual private networks, or VPNs, to protect their privacy and security online. But when exactly should you use a VPN and how do you choose the best service? Let’s consider the key points.

Protecting your website: effective strategies, tips, and recommendations

In the modern digital world, website security is a critically important aspect for the success of any business or online presence. Hackers and malicious actors are constantly seeking opportunities to breach websites, steal user data, and commit other criminal activities. To safeguard your website from such threats, it is necessary to employ effective strategies and implement proper security measures. In this article, we will discuss several key ways to protect your website in detail.

What is the purpose of two-factor authentication (2FA)?

The security of access to a user’s account or personal cabinet is of great importance for owners of web resources, such as VPS and Dedicated servers, virtual hosting and domain names. Often, access to service settings provides rights to manage, move, modify and even delete data from the web resource.

How to transfer a website to an SSL certificate?

Moving your website to the HTTPS protocol will provide higher rankings and increase security. User information security is provided by using an SSL certificate. Moving to a new domain helps search engines better recognize your website during processing. Google or Yandex index sites using the HTTPS protocol faster.

As a result, targeted traffic increases, the web page occupies higher positions. More customers visit the website, increasing traffic. HTTPS has become a universal standard. Sites using HTTP have lower levels of trust, gradually falling behind and being flagged by search engines as suspicious. It makes sense to switch to a new domain. Follow the necessary instructions to do so.

Что такое DDoS атака ?

ДДоС атаке в основном подвергаются информационные, государственные или коммерческие сайты, а также владельцы серверов. Понимание проблемы на один шаг приближает к ее скорейшему решению. Рассмотрим что такое DDoS атака, для чего и каким образом ее осуществляют, какие влечет за собой последствия.

Ваш сайт небезопасный?

Сервис Google Search Console начал рассылать уведомления для сайтов, которые еще не были перенесены на HTTPS.

Начиная с версии 62, которая появилась для скачивания и обновления в октябре, Chrome будет маркировать HTTP-страницы как «небезопасные».

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