Registering .UA domain

In a world where online presence is one of the key factors for growth, registering .UA domain can be a pivotal step towards the success of your business or personal brand. This domain, symbolizing Ukrainian identity on the internet, offers a range of advantages and opportunities not available in other zones. Today, in this article, let’s delve into all aspects of .UA domain and the specifics of its registration.

.UA Domain Zone: The Origins

In the winter of 1992, Ukraine officially became the owner of .UA domain zone. On December 1st, the domain was delegated by IANA. The company «Hostmaster» was appointed as the administrator of .UA domain zone in Ukraine. It owns both the registry and the technical component of the domain. Domain names in .UA zone are registered by accredited registrars.

Today, this domain is the most popular for modern Ukrainian businesses. According to statistics, over 22,000 websites are registered in .UA zone, and this number is expected to increase in the future.

However, not everyone can do this. Only owners of trademarks (TM) registered in Ukraine, or persons who have the legal right to use someone else’s TM, can register .UA domain. Additionally, there are two options for TM registration:

  • National registration: TM is created and registered within Ukraine.
  • International registration: TM registration according to the Madrid Agreement (international procedure), protection of which extends to Ukraine.

Features of .UA Domain Registration

.UA registration process itself has a number of features that distinguish it from domain registrations in other zones. Let’s consider a few key points.

For owners of Ukrainian TMs:

  • Presence of a TM registration certificate. This is the first and most important condition for registering .UA domain. The certificate must be valid in Ukraine.
  • The domain name must match the TM name. The domain name must exactly match the TM name, including all characters and case. This ensures that your online resource will be easily found and identified by users.

For international trademarks:

  • Valid trademark registration certificate. You don’t necessarily need to have a trademark registration certificate in Ukraine, but it must be valid in any country around the world.
  • Proof of trademark use in Ukraine. You will need to provide an additional document that confirms your trademark is used in Ukraine. This could be, for example, an extract from a website, an advertising brochure, or another document proving the use of the trademark.

Registering .UA domain using a licensing agreement:

  • Licensing agreement from the trademark owner. If you are not the trademark owner but have a license to use it, you can register .UA domain based on the licensing agreement.
  • Notarization. The licensing agreement must be notarially certified, which simultaneously guarantees its legal force.

What is required for registering a .UA domain under a licensing agreement?

  • A copy of the trademark registration certificate. You will need to provide a copy of the certificate that verifies the trademark’s validity.
  • Notarially certified licensing agreement. The original agreement with the seal and signature of the notary.
  • Information about the person on whom the domain will be registered. This can be your name, the name of a company, or another person authorized by you.

Choosing a registrar

An important step in .UA registration is choosing a reliable registrar. Ensure that the registrar is accredited by the Ukrainian Network Information Center (UkrInform). Currently, there is a large number of them in the Ukrainian space, so choose among them the one that best suits you in terms of necessary characteristics.

Average cost of .UA domain registrations

The cost of .UA domain depends on the registrar and the term of validity. An attractive offer is the promotional price of registration from the company RX-NAME at a price of 950 UAH per year.

Having a TM does not guarantee .UA domain registration

It’s important to remember that having a trademark gives you the right to register .UA domain, but it does not guarantee it.

A registrar may deny your registration if:

  • the domain name is already registered by another owner;
  • the domain name does not comply with current rules;
  • the applicant did not provide the necessary documents.

Key benefits of registering .UA domain

Finally, let’s consider the benefits of registering .UA domain for your business. Among them are:

  • Increased user trust. .UA domain immediately identifies your site as Ukrainian, which can significantly increase user trust.
  • Better SEO for the Ukrainian audience. Search engines, such as Google, often favor sites with local domains when searching from a specific country. Therefore, .UA domain can help you achieve a better ranking in search results among Ukrainian users.
  • Brand protection. Registering .UA domain helps protect your trademark from being used by others in the Ukrainian internet space.
  • Professional and reliable online presentation. .UA domain creates a professional impression and demonstrates your focus on the Ukrainian market, which can be especially important for local companies and brands.

Thus, registering .UA domain is a strategic step for any business or individual looking to strengthen their online presence in Ukraine. Although the procedure has certain specifics related to the need to confirm trademark rights, benefits such as increased user trust, better local SEO optimization, and brand protection make it a valuable investment.

And remember, you can always turn to RX-NAME for assistance with this matter, which will help you go through the entire registration process and suggest the best solution for your needs.

With .UA domain name, you can declare yourself in the Ukrainian internet and achieve success in your field of activity. Register today and good luck!