New domain zones appear quite often. They are used to register different websites on the internet. In Ukraine, the most popular top-level domain is UA, which is used for the majority of the country’s websites.

The domain name is formed in accordance with established rules. The domain consists of several components: the top-level domain, root and second-level domain, as well as a subdomain.

There are several different types of top-level domains, including:

National domains, which are a unique sequence of characters specific to a particular country. The domain zone is defined in each country, and for Ukraine, the domain UA is used. There are specific rules for registering and forming website names, and a mandatory requirement is that a trademark must be registered for the company or organization. Otherwise, second or third-level domains with less strict requirements are used.

Geographic domains, which are oriented towards specific regions or localities. They are tied to a location, allowing for the promotion of goods or services aimed at residents of a particular area. The name may include more characters compared to national domains.

International domains, which are used to denote international organizations or other entities operating in the international market. These domains are available in all countries and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Examples of such domains include COM, NET, and ORG.

New international domains, which are sites hosted on new-generation hosting platforms. They include international domains with various names that are available worldwide. The registration is carried out by the international company ICANN, which began operations in 2012. The registration fee is $185,000, and over 2,000 applications have already been approved. The popularity of such domains is growing, as they allow for expanded possibilities in promotion.

In Ukraine, the national top-level domain is popular among companies and organizations. Subdomains are also widely used for websites of government agencies, educational institutions, or personal websites and blogs.

What is the secret of success for new domain zones?

Most domains are used in traditional zones for hosting different websites. However, in recent years, new domain names that are registered by a separate organization have gained popularity.

The project to register new gTLDs appeared quite some time ago. It was delayed indefinitely, and organizations were not registering for it. In 2011, after the annual conference in Singapore, a decision was made to create new domain names. This project involves registering a domain for anyone who wishes to do so. The owner automatically becomes the administrator of the domain zone, giving them the right to add and develop new websites on their own hosting. The decision to open registration changed the concept of the internet, making it a more flexible tool for business and other non-commercial activities.

Representatives of ICANN are responsible for registering new domain names. The number of interested parties quickly increased. Initially, it was planned to receive less than 500 applications worldwide, but this number increased fourfold. Creating a domain zone requires the collection of documents, checks and confirmations, and a contribution of $185,000. However, this did not become a barrier for potential clients.

New domain zones have significant advantages compared to existing ones. They help to identify for whom the website is targeted and are an opportunity to show the type of activity. They open up opportunities for marketing development and promotion. New domains remove rigid restrictions, and there are no requirements regarding the type of activity. The original name allows for a clear indication of the subject matter, departing from the concept of certain domain zones.

For example, the .blog domain immediately lets visitors know that they are accessing a personal blog. The domain name .coffee indicates that the website is dedicated to a coffee shop or coffee store. This simplifies the task of finding information and allows for the creation of a memorable name for visitors and potential customers.

The new gTLD format allows for more convenient categorization of websites by industry. With such resources, websites are distributed according to a specific thematic direction, consisting of individual categories. This puts the focus solely on what a particular company does. The purpose and essence of the information on the website are defined, providing visitors with a clear idea of what to expect.

A beautiful and concise domain name, in combination with the name of the website, becomes a suitable platform for an advertising campaign. This approach helps with promotion through social networks or search engines. By choosing a suitable domain index, it is easy to separate and highlight the business quality among others.

In recent years, many users and business owners prefer original and unusual names for their websites. A new domain name makes the website unique, memorable, and emphasizes the thematic direction. A domain is the face of a company, presenting goods or services to potential customers.

How do new domain zones appear?

New domain zones are created through the work of a special organization that is accredited by the ICANN corporation. Only such companies have the right to create new names. New domains are created in accordance with the program, which have distinctive features, allowing to focus on a specific characteristic of the organization.

Such domains make it easier to identify the type of activity of the organization. With proper use and a promotion schedule, websites can quickly rank higher. There are more than 2000 new domain zones available, which are largely cheaper for users compared to other popular domains. This is due to the low load and a large number of free names.

Among the advantages of new domains are:

Ease of registering a domain name. Registering a desired name is easier, as there are enough available names compared to other top-level domains. This results in a recognizable and understandable name that is easy to remember and read.

Clear thematic direction. The name contains a part that is oriented towards the occupation of the company. This makes it easier to identify the website and understand the type of activity. This increases the flow of the target audience, which helps with website promotion. This is often used in advertising campaigns.

Lower prices. Compared to other popular domain zones or national domains, this option allows you to register a website cheaper. This is due to the relatively low load compared to other international options. The number of zones is growing, so competition is decreasing, and prices have stabilized.

Ease of monitoring competitors. The gTLD space makes it easier to track the work of potential competitors due to narrow industry specialization. This option also allows you to find partners or specialists faster to complete a particular task.

There are some domain zones that cost more. This is due to specialization and other features. Often, some users have difficulty remembering a new name due to an unfamiliar domain. However, new domain zones are popular, as they allow you to expand opportunities and simplify website promotion.


There are various popular domains in Ukraine. Numerous websites are created in the Ukrainian national space and promoted through search engines. Below is a ranking of the most in-demand domain names: – one of the popular domains in Ukraine, accounting for over 35%. It is used for Ukrainian companies focused on commercial activity.

com – a top-level domain. It accounts for 12% among all Ukrainian domains and is used for naming companies whose activities are oriented not only towards the Ukrainian but also international market. – used for private websites, accounting for over 6% of all registered resources in the country. – typically used for commercial and non-commercial organizations operating in Ukraine. There are no clear restrictions or rules for registration. – indicates websites of companies operating in Kyiv. It allows for promotion oriented towards a separate region in the country. – also used for commercial organizations. It is a second-level domain and is widespread in the country. – websites for business in Ukraine. They are exclusively oriented towards the Ukrainian market. – used for various resources whose activity is oriented towards working in the network or with network resources.

net – a universal top-level domain used for denoting various resources on the Internet.

org – a general-purpose domain, which is less frequently used in the country. It is typically used for commercial and non-commercial organizations oriented towards the global market.

Cyrillic domains are becoming more common in Ukraine, accounting for 2% of the total number of domain names in the country. New gTLDs have not yet gained widespread use but are gradually

Where to register a domain name?

Choosing a domain zone requires attention and time. It is important to select a name that corresponds to the nature of the activity and orientation of the website. This will help a potential visitor determine the theme and make a decision to navigate to the pages of the resource. The name should correspond to the region where the organization plans to work. If the wrong name is chosen, it will significantly reduce the effectiveness of promotion, as well as decrease customer interest.

When choosing a domain zone, it is important to identify the topic, audience restrictions, and zone. Depending on the answers to these questions, priorities are determined when registering a domain. It is important to choose a unique and concise name that will stand out among competitors.

To choose a domain zone, it is recommended to use the following tips:

For commercial organizations operating in Ukraine, it is advisable to choose the universal domain It is suitable for any company regardless of the thematic direction.

If you plan to work in Ukraine, then a top-level domain UA is selected. In this case, a trademark must be registered.

If you plan to operate not only in Ukraine but also in other countries, it is better to choose a name in the com zone. This will increase your chances of promotion on the international market. An individual regional domain can be selected for each country.

For working in one region, it is rational to choose a name that relates to that area.

For blogs and information sites, names such as com, org, info, and others are selected. They are more popular for news sites or other interesting information.

For educational institutions, it is better to choose the domain

New domain names are not yet popular in Ukraine. They are gaining popularity, so they will soon become a full part of Ukrainian business.


Choosing a domain name requires considering many nuances. This is a great responsibility that will affect the popularity of the site in the future. Even good resources will not be popular if an incorrect name is chosen. It is important to consider the advice and recommendations of specialists. Steps and an action plan are planned in advance, allowing for the optimal selection of a domain.