International Marketing Day

We’re sure you’ll agree with us that the modern world is impossible to imagine without marketing. This field has become an integral and important part of any business and society as a whole. Today, on November 4th, we celebrate the holiday of professionals in this field – International Marketing Day. A day that reminds us once again of the importance of this industry in our world and recognizes its achievements and contributions to the development of international sales.

So, let’s take a closer look together on this day at the history of the birth of marketing, the role of advertising in this process, and the secrets of consumer psychology that underlie marketing strategies.

Marketing: Origins and Development

Marketing, as a modern field, has deep roots in history. Its origins are closely related to the emergence of market relations and competition among producers as far back as the Middle Ages. From that time onwards, over the centuries, marketing evolved and improved, and it only became an independent scientific discipline and professional field in the 20th century.

One of the founders of this field is Philip Kotler, an American scholar who developed the theory of marketing management in the 1960s. He first defined the basic components of marketing, which converged into the well-known system of «4P» (Product – продукт, Price – ціна, Place – місце, Promotion – просування), which became the basis for the development of marketing strategies in the future.

Advertising as a Component of Marketing

Today, advertising is often seen as a separate sphere of activity, but at the same time, it is considered one of the most important tools of marketing. Its use in this process allows attracting even more attention from consumers to products and services, encouraging them to take active actions.

Advertising also has a long history of development and dates back to ancient times when producers used various methods to promote their goods. For example, in ancient Egypt, special stands (prototypes of modern and familiar stands) were used, containing information about various services and products. These stands were placed on city streets to attract the attention of buyers right near the points of sale. In the Roman Empire, products and services were also advertised through graffiti on city walls and local structures.

With the advancement of technology, advertising became more informative and specialized. Initially, there were oral advertising announcements, which later transformed into the distribution of materials through outdoor advertising (banners, billboards, signs, light boxes), and today, the Internet, television, radio, and social media have become the main platforms for advertising campaigns. Modern advertising strategies include brand creation, internet marketing, content marketing, as well as the study of consumer psychology.

Secrets of Consumer Psychology

Psychology plays an incredibly important role not only in the general sense but also in modern marketing. The study of consumer psychology allows companies to understand the needs, desires, and motivations of consumers, which, in turn, helps them develop more effective and appropriate marketing strategies.

There are numerous methods used in marketing to study this process, but today we want to share three of the most important secrets of consumer psychology. Among them:

  • Social Trust. People often rely on reviews and recommendations from their family and friends when choosing products and services. Therefore, this aspect should be taken into account when creating advertising campaigns for your product or service. The higher the level of social trust, the more effective your company’s sales will be.
  • Emotional Influence. Marketers always try to evoke specific emotions in consumers so that they associate positive feelings with a product or brand. Often, advertising uses images of animals and children, which evoke joy and love. Emotions are your call to interact with the customer. Appeal to them and use positive factors to shape them.
  • Behavior Analysis. Collecting data on consumer behavior on the Internet allows for personalized advertising and offering relevant products and services. Various surveys, customer interviews, and specialized analytical tools can help with this. Therefore, remember to continuously monitor information about customer interaction with your brand.

So, marketing is undoubtedly an integral part of our lives, shaping how we perceive the world around us. We’ve explored that from advertising to the secrets of consumer psychology, it helps not only companies in the effectiveness of future sales but even us, as ordinary consumers, to make better choices during the purchasing process and feel satisfied with it.

International Marketing Day is a time to celebrate everyone working in this fascinating and important field. Therefore, the RX-NAME team joins in today’s greetings and also congratulates all those involved in this professional holiday. We wish you successful marketing strategies, productive campaigns in the future, and effective communication with your clients!