The most popular domain zones in 2023

The internet is constantly changing, and with it, the popularity of various domain zones changes too. In 2023, we continuously monitored these changes, so today we want to present to you the list of the most popular domain zones this year.

1. .com

The classics always stay in trend. Thus, the .com domain zone remains the most popular and widespread on the internet even in 2023. It is, as always, used for any purpose and suits all kinds of businesses and personal websites.

2. .net

The second most popular domain zone, .net, also remains important in 2023 for companies and organizations specializing in internet services and technologies.

3. .org

The .org domain zone is most often used by non-profit organizations, foundations, and public organizations. In 2023, it also remained popular for activities related to charity and public affairs.

4. .io

In 2023, the .io domain zone became very popular among technological startups and companies working in the field of information technologies. This zone is associated with technical orientation and innovation.

5. .app

In 2023, the .app domain zone gained popularity among mobile app developers and websites related to mobile applications. It became an excellent choice for those looking to position their product as a smartphone app.

6. .blog

For those specializing in creating informational blogs, the .blog domain zone became a convenient and memorable choice in 2023.

7. .store

The .store domain zone remains popular among online stores and commercial platforms. In 2023, many businesses chose this domain for their e-commerce stores.

8. .crypto

Interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain is growing, and the .crypto domain zone has become an important tool for crypto projects and companies operating in this field.

9. .ai

In 2023, the .ai domain zone became popular among companies specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This zone reflects the interest in developing intelligent solutions.

10. .design

For creative professionals and designers, the .design domain zone remained one of the preferences in 2023.

We briefly analyzed the trends of 2023, and you can use any of these for your needs. However, it’s important to remember that choosing a domain zone primarily depends on the goals of your project and the specifics of your activity. Whether you are an entrepreneur, developer, blogger, or activist, there is always an ideal domain zone that meets your needs.

Overall, 2023 brought many interesting changes in the popularity of domain zones, indicating the continuous development of the internet environment, which opens up even more new opportunities for our own development.

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Good luck!